International New Designers Workshop 2007 Dec. 2007
15 ~ 16 「Field Research in Tokyo area “Destination 2025: the Sustainable Treasure Hunt”
Eco-Products Exhibition 2007 images
History & tradition: Edo-Tokyo Museum images
Future & Technology: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation images
17 ~ 18 Field research in Nagoya area on sustainable living, urban development & green manufacturing
Ceramics Recycle Center in Seto images
Sustainable living: The Museum Meiji-mura images INAX Live Museum images
19 Intergrating findings from Tokyo and Nagoya research
Brainstorming for final proposal
20 Experiencing substainable life style at Shiragawa-go images
21 ~ 23 International Conference on Design for Sustainability at Toyota Shirakawa-go Eco Institute
Brainstorming sessions with professional designers images
24 Preparation for public presentation
25 Public presentation at IdcN “Imagine a Sustainable MONOZUKURI NAGOYA in 2025” images